Hi, I’m Ben.

Thank you for visiting my new website. Can you tell it’s new? Look at all this great content…right?

I’m new to the online content game but I’m looking to add to the conversation in a meaningful way. My goal is simple, increase financial literacy by educating as many people as possible about fundamental financial concepts.

Look, I get it, finance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it isn’t always the most fun thing to talk about. As a financial educator, my goal is to make complex, and often boring, financial concepts more easily accessible and easier to understand.

I know that the financial challenges that Canadians face today could be fixed with more information. So, I’m on a mission to teach people how money works in the hopes that Canadians will have all the facts to make better, well-informed, financial decisions.

Full disclosure… the content on this website is not to be taken as financial advice or an endorsement of any particular product or service. I’m not here to sell, I’m here to provide informational value to the online community with the hopes of spreading more knowledge.

The opinions expressed are solely those of myself (Ben Jacobs) and not those of my company or its affiliate companies and partners.